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Permanent Makeup

Using Permanent cosmetics is an increasingly desirable way to achieve the look of perfectly applied makeup, without the need to spend lots of time in front of the mirror. The whole process is used to enhance your natural appearance and achieves remarkable results. Permanent Makeup is a fantastic idea for those wishing to achieve a beautiful look, using uniquely matched pigments that compliment your natural skin tone wonderfully.

Through unique applications of neutrally coloured pigments, I am able to help you achieve a wonderfully balanced look that elevates the natural colouring to the eye, lip and brow.

Permanent cosmetic makeup is ideal if you are sensitive to daily makeup, and if you are looking to perfect your daily look without the need to spend excess time precisely applying makeup each morning.

Permanent cosmetics are great for those wishing to avoid constant re-application of makeup - and who have become dissatisfied with bleeding lipstick, smudging eyeliners and the unnatural appearance of brow liners.

Permanent Eye Makeup
Subtle or bold, smokey or fine – whatever the type of application you choose, I can make your eyes up beautifully in the way that you want. Together we can achieve a nude look or one, which perfectly reflects the way in which you wear your makeup, and want to look, each day.

Permanent Lip Colour
Improving the lip area is a positive way to achieve beautiful colour that compliments natural tones. Some clients, however, desire the colour of the lipstick they wear – whichever option you choose, I can ensure your lips look exactly how you wish. I can also use tattooing to correct asymmetrical issues and improve blemishes or faded colour.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows
I can polish your brows and make them look stunning. Whether you want to make them more pronounced, sharpen them, improve symmetry or enhance their colour I will use skilful techniques to achieve a precise and uniformed look. Together we will discuss your desired appearance and your glamorous new brows will be admired by all.

When you visit me at the charming Harley Street clinic, or if you choose to make an appointment at one of the alternative 'satellite' clinics, I will carry out an initial consultation to assess your features. We will discuss together how my tempting treatments work, and which pleasing products will be used in order to create a new, alluring you.

I invite you to call me today to examine the opportunity to beautify your natural look, and to book in your Consultation at Harley Street or at a clinic in Essex or Hertfordshire.

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