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The Procedure

Fourteen easy steps to a new you

Here's how we progress:

The transition to beautifully creative permanent makeup that uses custom pigmentation and that is unique to your complex and your colouring is very straight forward.

Perfect Makeup 24/7 ensures that all of our procedures are simple, easy to understand, and comfortable to undertake.

I am always very open about the procedures that I offer, and I will never conduct treatment if I do not think that it will be of any benefit to you.

With that said, however, the majority of women and men can undergo permanent cosmetic treatment. It is non-invasive and uses safe and pure ingredients, sterile disposable tools, along with state of the art equipment.

It is important that you understand the whole procedure before undergoing treatment, and this will be discussed properly at your consultation. You are invited at any time to contact me regarding your questions and concerns. And, of course, not forgetting that your Consultation will give you every opportunity to clarify anything that you are unsure about.

Before deciding on whether to take up any of the treatments I offer, please read details regarding the process below. Hopefully, this will highlight any issues. I ask that you contact me for a Consultation once you are happy with the process. At the consultation stage, we can talk one-to-one about your procedure, and just how I will make it unique to you – giving you a wonderful new natural looking appearance.

Here's how we progress:

1. Contact
Email, of course, provides you with the chance to detail your requirements; however I can answer you over the phone prior to your Consultation. Please note if I am treating a client then I will call you back as soon as possible.

2. Book an Appointment. Because I work from a number of clinics, we can decide together where to meet

3. Consultation
I follow strict health and safety guidelines to keep you safe.
I will take you through details of your medical history. You will also be required to take a sensitivity patch test to ensure the products I use will not cause an adverse reaction.

We will discuss together, in detail, exactly what you wish to accomplish by undertaking permanent makeup treatment. This will help to determine exactly what is needed and how we can turn those requirements into goals, and in turn into results.
So whatever you need to discuss I will be more than happy to offer my help at every stage of the consultation.

4. Style and Colour Assessment
Based on all of these factors. e that can be used to create your permanent makeup look, whether that's a dramatic intense option, or a soft and subtle one.

5. Design Concept
Once you are happy with the sketch, we will use it as a stencil for the permanent makeup treatment.

6. Consent
The consent form will confirm that I have taken you through every stage of the procedure, that you confirm you agree to undertake treatment based on the information you have been given. The form will also commit you to maintaining the aftercare regime required to keep your new look fresh and beautiful.

7. Pre-treatment photography
Before treatment a picture of you will be made. I will do this so the results can be checked lts are very natural and it will not take a long time to become used to your new look.

8. Anaesthetic Cream
Applied during treatment, which may sting a little without the gel / cream. With health and safety in mind, products and equipment that we use are similar in design and safety to medical equivalents, this helps to prevent cross contamination.

9. Pigment Infusion
Implanted under the derma layers of your skin. The needles allow us to conduct the treatment accurately so that the results are perfect.

10. Critique
Together we will review the results

11. Post- treatment photography
In doing this, you can easily compare your before and after images and see the difference permanent makeup has made to your whole face. We can make a difference whether you choose just one or several different treatments.

12. Aftercare
Easy to follow aftercare notes will be explained in full. Good maintenance will mean that your new permanent makeup lasts longer and continues to look as good as it did the minute treatment finished, and hopefully for the next few years. I will always supply you again with contact details, this is because you may have further questions and so that you can contact me if you have any future concerns that you wish to discuss.

13. Appointment Completion
We will schedule a follow-up appointment that will take place when convenient to you, between 4 to12 weeks from your first treatment. This will allow us to check your makeup, ensure you have been following the aftercare instructions and of course to air any concerns or ask more questions about your treatment. At the end of your treatment, full payment is required. Perfect Makeup

14. Follow-up Appointment
Because you are all completely unique

It's really is that simple. Fourteen steps to a new you!

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