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medical treatments

While many people having permanent makeup are doing it purely to enhance their natural beauty for others it can be a life changing treatment that can counteract the effects of illness, surgery or the effects of chemotherapy that have led to hair loss.

There are a number of medical conditions that can be successfully treated by Amazing Makeup including:


  • Eyebrow reconstruction for alopecia patients and those who have lost hair through burns, operations or accidents
  • Cosmetic correction of cleft palate
  • Correction of facial asymmetry

The most popular medical applications for permanent makeup are for those who have lost their hair due to conditions such as alopecia as well as the effects of chemotherapy.  This can result in very fine or fair lashes and brows or in some case no hair at all.  While losing the hair on your head can be devastating, for many people losing their eyelashes and eyebrows is even worse.  Yet these conditions can be easily helped through the application of pharmaceutical grade pigments to the defining features of the face.

Using a feathered stroke technique, Sarah is able to work with your existing hair, or features should there be no hair in place, to creating beautiful natural looking eyebrows and eyelashes, hair by hair, that will help you look and feel your self again and regain your self-confidence.

This takes away the worry of having to draw in your eyebrows and lashes every day and the anxiety that the makeup will rub off or smudge during the course of the day. It even means your lashes and brows will stay in place while you are swimming, sleeping or doing sports, something that traditional makeup cannot offer. 

If you have lost pigment in your lips or on your skin because of conditions such as vitiligo, permanent cosmetics can also be used here to even out the skin tone and camouflage the patchy areas of skin.

The results of treatments are instant so you can walk out with the eyebrows, lips or eyes you have always wanted the same day. The pigments may seem darker after the treatment has first been done but they will soon settle, leaving you with a long lasting natural appearance.

Book a consultation with Sarah today at her Harley Street, or one of her satellite clinics in the surrounding Essex and Hertfordshire areas, to discuss how Amazing Makeup can help you.

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