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Do you dream of having fuller lips or a more heart shaped pout? Full, beautiful lips are a sure sign of youth and beauty and many women will not go out of the house without their lippy on. But throughout the course of the day your lipstick can fade, smudge, bleed or make your lips dry, leading you to have to constantly re-apply.



As we age our lips become thinner and lose the colour of their youth. Permanent makeup techniques can be used to add definition and fullness to thin lips, to create the appearance of more volume without the need for lip fillers, to correct asymmetry or simply to add colour back into lifeless lips. But even if you already have beautiful lips permanent makeup can enhance and intensify their colour and take away the need to re-apply makeup throughout the day.

By carefully placing pigment in the lip tissue or the surrounding lip border, Sarah can create balance, shape, volume and colour. The wide selection of pigments available mean that you can choose the look you want, from shades that boost and enhance your natural tones to more dramatic colours that replicate the look of your favourite lipstick.

One of the biggest concerns many clients have when considering lip enhancement with permanent cosmetics is that it will look unnatural. Sarah can assure you however that the days of unnatural looking lip lines are long gone if you chose Amazing Makeup’s Lip Addiction Collection as she has been specialising in natural lip enhancements with no obvious liner.  Amazing Makeup lip treatments blend and give the impression of a colour wash, or full lip colour so your lips will look luscious and kissable without anybody being able to tell you have ‘had work done’.

If you are worried about the treatment being uncomfortable, Sarah can arrange for a dental block to be administered to put your mind at rest. Many clients happily have the treatment done without this and find it much more comfortable than they anticipated, however the choice is yours.

Booking a consultation will allow you to talk with Sarah about the look you want to achieve and to find the perfect pigments to compliment your natural colouring or to match your lipstick.  Your personal consultation will provide you with all the information and guidance you need about the treatment. Book a consultation today for permanent lip colour and take the first step towards beautiful, kissable lips.


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