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By subtly enhancing and accentuating the shape of the eye with permanent eyeliner Sarah can create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes and make your eyes stand out from the crowd.

Even the best over the counter eyeliners can rub off and smudge during the day, particularly if you are a busy active woman on the go. Permanent eyeliner is a fantastic way to avoid the inevitable ‘panda eye’ look, it guarantees to create a fresher and younger appearance.  Best of all its there when you wake up.  Women who are not great at applying their eyeliner have the benefit expertly applied make up looking as good as having their very own professional makeup artist to hand every day.   Soft enhancements; barely there looks; smokey; strong and defined; whatever look you are creating daily, or wish you could, Amazing Makeup can achieve this for you.

We all have our own sense of style when it comes to eye makeup. While some people like to go natural during the day and more dramatic at night, others can pull off ‘heavy’ eye makeup round the clock. At Amazing Makeup they can tailor your treatment to suit you – whatever your look or style. Sarah has introduced her ‘Defining Eye Collection’ which offers a range of customised eye enhancement procedures including:


  • Special Eyes – eyelash enhancement
  • Sporty Smokey Eyes – a subtle smokey look
  • Almond Eyes – a little liner to improve the eyes hape and give the effect of a light make up look
  • Dramatic Eyes- many looks to choose from dependant on the eye shape and daily makeup look desired.

It doesn’t matter if you are missing lashes, have lashes that are very fine and fair or simply want to have a more permanent solution to applying eyeliner every day, professionally applied permanent makeup can create a natural looking lash line that will frame your eyes and take away the hassle of spending too much time in front of the mirror applying eyeliner.

Amazing Makeup offer a range of defined eyeliners in many colours, which  can be blended to mirror the colour of your iris, making your own eyecolour ‘pop’ and really stand out.

The ‘smokey sports look’ is ideal for those who don’t want anything too dramatic. Dark pigment is flooded through the base of the lashes and then encircled with a custom blended pigment to match the colour of your iris which is placed to give a ‘smudged’ effect around the top of your lashes creating a soft effect, drawing attention to the colour of your eyes without making you look ‘made up’.

Permanent eyeliner is also an ideal option for those who are sensitive to every day makeup products or have watery eyes; those who wear contact lenses (as it reduces the risk of infection); those who wear glasses and cannot see well enough to apply eyeliner and any woman who wants to avoid looking tired and washed out. 

To book a personalised consultation to find out more about how permanent eye makeup can give you the stunning eyes you deserve, and to determine which the ideal treatment for you is, contact Amazing Makeup today.


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