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Your eyebrows frame your eyes and add character to your face by accentuating your expressions, so it is no surprise that the eyebrows have become the focus of many women’s beauty regimes. Perfectly shaped and correctly positioned eyebrows can take years off your appearance, without the need for an invasive surgical brow lift or cosmetic injections.

While barely there, thin and over plucked eyebrows were all the rage a few years ago, the fashion today is for stronger, thicker and more defined brows with higher arches and more length which frame the face and stand out. As such many women spend time penciling in, plucking and shaping their eyebrows to create the look they want.

Permanent makeup can offer a permanent, more natural looking solution to traditional makeup, adding definition and shape to your eyebrows. It can also be used to correct any asymmetry, making your eyebrows much easier to maintain and taking away the hassle of using unnatural looking eyebrow makeup.

Permanent makeup is also a great way to restore over plucked eyebrows or patchy eyebrows or even to create a eyebrow where there is little or no hair their at all.

Sarah uses advanced techniques that enable her to create hair by hair strokes that replicate the natural hair growth, which means the look is incredibly natural.

Sarah has developed her own Eyebrow Signature Collection to meet the changing and constant requests from clients. Whatever your hair colour or style, Amazing Makeup can create the look you want and that suits you the most. Sarah uses a combination of hairstroke and powdered techniques that are bespoke to each client and their individual needs. For women with fair skin or light hair there is the ‘Super Blonde Brows’ treatment, which creates a very soft and light effect. For those who want a more striking look there is the ‘Power Brow’, which can be created using a variety of colours from shades of taupe through to dark defined colours to uniquely match and compliment your skin and hair tones.

Whether you need a complete eyebrow due to over-plucking, would like to replace hair lost due to a medical condition, or are looking to achieve a more subtle adjustment Amazing Makeup has long-lasting solutions that can transform the look of your eyebrows instantly. Book a consultation with Sarah today and join the hundreds of clients who have chosen to alter their appearance and improve their confidence by undergoing permanent eyebrow treatments.

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