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Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Semi Permanent Eye Liner Makeup

Whilst everyone wants to improve the appearance of natural features, permanent eye makeup can enhance self-confidence and raise self-esteem. I will help you to emphasise your best feature and whether it usually looks barely there, or you wear your makeup following strong tones, I will help you to make your eyes stand out. I will refine the important lash area by adding colour where there may be missing lashes, where you own lashes are very fair in colour, or if you prefer to have permanent eyeliner in place of the cosmetics you wear daily.

The treatment process I use is one of the most popular ways to improve your most beautiful facial feature. It defines the eye area – perfect for those sensitive to every day makeup products, ageing eyes, those with watery eyes or for those who like to appear natural during the day. You can add to the makeup using your own cosmetics, if you wish to improve the permanent makeup, for a more dramatic evening look.

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Semi Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

I always conduct Consultations prior to treatment,for your eyebrow makeup which allows me to talk to you directly about the results you wish to achieve. I will pick out correct pigments to match your unique complex.

I invite you to contact me today to discuss permanent eyebrow makeup that will truly transform your eyes, making them naturally beautiful again.

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Semi Permanent Lip Makeup

Semi Permanent Lip Makeup

As an extremely popular treatment, regaining shapely lips, increasing their volume and enhancing their colour is the perfect way to restore your smile.

Would you love to regain that sultry, sexy pout?

Restoring colour to fading lips or re-creating outlines and perfecting a symmetrical pout can be a perfect way to feeling like you again.

Maybe you are fortunate enough to have beautiful lips. Many women become dissatisfied with constant re-application of makeup, and with lipstick that blots and bleeds away. I use permanent lip colour to help rectify issues resulting from the use of daily makeup.

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