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Meet Sarah

My clinic is based on Harley Street, London, and I have an additional number of clinics across Essex. As a specialist in permanent makeup treatments (semi permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing) I provide you, my client, with the blissful opportunity to feel your best, without undergoing invasive and expensive treatments.

She started her permanent makeup journey in 2001 and was so inspired by what could be achieved with the techniques that she changed her career path completely.

As Sarah's skills grew she gained wider recognition as someone who could make her clients look and feel great by creating the look they desire and deserve and instilling them with increased self-confidence.

The Consultation

As a highly experienced and reputable permanent makeup artist Sarah knows the importance of making you feel comfortable and fully informed to help you decide whether or not permanent makeup is for you, which is why comprehensive consultations are at the heart of her practice.

The consultation is an essential element of the treatment process as it is your opportunity to have all your questions answered and to discuss exactly what you want to achieve with Sarah in complete confidence. She understands that every client is unique so her consultations are always tailored to suit each individual's needs. She will be able to discuss your ideas and expectations with you to make sure the outcome of your treatment is exactly what you want. At the same time she can give you guidance and her expert opinion on what she thinks will achieve the best results.

During your consultation Sarah will carry out a personal analysis, which helps her to determine the pigments that will compliment and enhance your natural complexion, hair colour, skin colouring and undertones so she can achieve the perfect look.

Your personal medical details and general health issues are discussed so suitability to treatment can be established to ensure a safe treatment. Amazing Makeup only uses pharmaceutical grade pigments, EU medical grade machines and single use disposable cartridge needles, which ensure consistent results and guarantee your safety.

You will need to set aside an hour to and hour and a half for each treatment and will need to complete the treatment in two stages with the follow up appointment held four to six weeks after your initial treatment. This allows for truly natural results to be achieved and alleviates the risk of applying pigment that is too heavy or dark. When aiming for a softer or more natural look, Sarah would rather build toward this ensuring the perfect result every time.

Come along for a consultation if you have any doubts, questions or are curious to find out what Sarah can do for you. There is no pressure to go ahead with treatment if you do not feel it is right for you. You can either opt for a separate no, obligation consultation and book your treatment on a different date, after you have had time to g away and think about it. If you are confident you want to proceed you can have your consultation and treatment on the same day.

To start your journey towards perfect, flawless makeup contact Sarah today to book a consultation at her Harley street clinic, or the most conveniently placed clinic for you.

Free consultations are available in Essex and Hertfordshire *see T&C's.

Sunday Clinics are available for those needing out of hours appointments.

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