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Does it hurt?

Because all of my treatments can be a little uncomfortable, every care is taken to ensure your treatment is as pleasant as possible.  At some locations I can offer dental blocks (which means the medic or nurse will inject inside the mouth to completely numb the lips). This is a fantastic way to ensure that your lips are numb enough so that you do not feel the sensations caused when I apply pigments.

My clients report to me that my eyebrow treatments do not hurt, and that plucking is more uncomfortable.  Permanent eyeliners are a little annoying, but the time I spend with a careful application ensures amazing results with maximum numbing.

What can I expect after the makeup application?

After around 2 weeks, you will become used to your new look and may find yourself thinking you have looked like that forever!

Eyebrows – are darker than the desired result for about 4 to 7 days then the colour lightens.  There is no swelling and any redness, and slight "white halo" that appears around the treated area, will be gone within an hour.
Eyeliner – eyes will feel a little tender for 24 hours, usually the next day you will wake with some swelling (as if you've been crying) which subsides quickly.  Bear in mind you should not wear make up immediately over the area, including mascara, for 7 days. I suggest having an eyelash tint 48 hours or more before attending your appointment.
Lips – will feel tender and uneven for a few days, you must be prepared for more "downtime" with this procedure as many clients do not like the intensity of colour whilst healing. However, some of my clients do want to achieve maximum colour intensity. Lips become very dry just before natural exfoliation begins. In younger clients, this can take from 4 days to complete, and in older clients up to 10 days, because the natural skin processes become delayed as we get older. 

Should I bring my regular make up to the appointment?
It is very helpful to see what colours you have been using, but not essential.  Also, as some make up may be removed while I touch your skin you may want to reapply foundation/bronzer/blusher before leaving the premises.

Can I wash my hair while it is healing?
Yes. Just blot the treated area dry with a clean towel and avoid rubbing.

I don't want to look like I've had anything done but I hate my brows/I have no brows!  Can you help?
Yes, of course. Please look at my portfolio to see the results that I can help you to achieve. Correctly positioned brows, artistically placed hair strokes, correct colour selection are all methods that I combine to give a truly bespoke and natural eyebrow enhancement. 
I ask that you come back for a follow up after a month. This is so I can take my time to create natural understated results, which in turn ensures I have the opportunity to add pigment and fullness over a course of treatments. This way, you never have to worry about the looking being "too much" or "too dark" because your colour progresses and never looks too heavy after the first treatment.

I really like the look of" X" celebrity, can you create them exactly the same for me?
I would invite you for a consultation to ensure that the look would suit your face shape. Many clients bring photos in with them and it's great to help get a better understanding of what you like and dislike.

I want a really strong defined look like you see in all the magazines, I have fine sparse brows, can it be achieved?
Yes. There are a few ways to achieve strong brows, despite your natural brows being fine or fair. I am able to help you to maintain a natural look that is created with intricate hair strokes.  A Power Brow can be created with a colour wash.

What's the difference between a colour wash and hair strokes?
A colour wash replicates a soft smudgy effect as seen with an eyebrow pencil. The colour wash gives a great look, and one that you are probably used to seeing. 
Hair strokes are, as the name suggests. Fine, intricately placed feathered strokes that replicate hair give a very natural finish.

I'm not sure what type of brow treatment I need can you advise me?
No problem.
The reason I hold a Consultation is so that we can discuss exactly what you hope to achieve. By discovering the look you find most desirable at your consultation stage, your proposed treatment can be planned around this.

I have no brows at all and I'm fed up of worrying about them wiping off during the day, can you help?
Yes. Once placed in the skin, permanent make up does not wipe away as it is a light form of tattooing.  You can start to enjoy the hot weather, wearing your skiing and swimming goggles without ever worrying that your results will wipe away. 

So many clients have said that they haven't been to a health spa or for facial because they hate how they look without their eyebrows, or that their makeup comes off in the water and they dislike their own natural appearance. I recommend booking up as soon as your treatment area has healed – and enjoy your swim, gym or spa session without the same worries!

Why don't I have any eyebrow hair?
Alopecia creates hair-loss throughout the body, and it will be evident in other area's too - not just eyebrows and eyelashes. If this is the cause of your hair loss, your hairline and body hair may be affected too.
Over plucking in youth can damage and retard the hair follicles. Fair skinned women the hair can stop growing even with very little tampering and plucking.  Even from teenage years being a little over zealous and plucking the area too much can stop the hair from growing at its normal rate.
Shaving the hair off, theoretically, should make no difference. But anyone in my industry will tell you that endless women report this has been the cause of their hair loss.

Thyroid imbalance is a common cause of hair loss, especially showing as the brow tails disappear.  It's always worth getting a blood test to find out. While it won't help your hair grow back, it will give you the chance to address an underlying problem that's probably making you feel under par.
Whilst some ethnic groups have little hair, you don't see children with no eyebrows unless there is an underlying medical condition or if a lack of hair in a particular area is hereditary.  Those of us (yes, me included) that have sparse fine hair, will just never have enough eyebrow hair to dye, wax, thread and pluck into a great shape.  Afro Caribbean and women of Oriental decent are two typical groups that do not have the natural making of great brows. Whilst Asian and Mediterranean women have hair and eyebrows that girls like me would kill for!

Whatever the causes of the lack of hair on your brows, to create the shape you want with beauty salon based treatments, Permanent Makeup fills the gaps. Permanent cosmetics help create new brows that last all day, all night, for months into years.

I am dark skinned and need by eyebrows enhanced but I'm afraid of them looking too dark, is it possible to give me definition without them looking obvious?
Yes, technique and colour selection are vital for creating the look you want – I can achieve the majority of results that my clients ask of me.

Will I need to shave my eyebrows off to have Permanent Makeup?
I am asked this question all the time, and I have yet to meet a permanent makeup artist who would say yes. 
I will remove hairs around the new brow to perfect the new shape, and I will often remove the hairs in the tail of the brow to allow for a perfect shape and to create lift where it is needed.  I will always use the natural hair at the inner part of the brow.  In 1% of cases would it be necessary to remove hair in the body of the brow to achieve symmetry, however when I meet at your consultation I will talk to you in detail should it be required.


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