Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Do you want Beautiful Eyebrows?
I have perfected my skills in applying permanent eyebrow makeup by using feathering strokes that mimic real hairs through the brow line, I am able to renew brows that are lacking hairs – whatever that reason may be. Media and press have been very impressed with the way in which brows can be re-shaped, re-positioned and filled where brows have been over plucked, or where they simply lack lustre.

And the truth? Everyone can benefit from permanent brows

Shape & Symmetry Correction
24 hour Naturally Beautiful Eyebrows
Comfortable & Convenient

Beautifully shaped eyebrows are important to the majority of men and women in the UK today. The techniques I use are very accommodating – because I get many unique requests to. I encourage you to avoid unsuited treatments and contact me today to discover the real benefits of permanent brows.

Permanent Lip Colour – Blush & Liner
I realise that lips are just as important as every other feature on your face, and so do the technicians that work with me. Whilst lining the lips used to be a very popular option, now filling the lips with even colour is more desirable.

Even more important to my clients is the ability to change the appearance of the lower part of your face using techniques that offer dazzling results.

By applying a flush of colour into the dermal layer of the skin on your lips, permanent makeup will volumise, correct shaping and enhance their natural colour.

hether your lips are faded through age, you wish to opt for a more symmetrical look, or wish to add more vibrant colouring then call me for the opportunity to do exactly that – I will help you re-create a more confident and alluring you.

Voluminous Lips
Enhance Your Best Features
Correct Symmetry Issues
Reduce the Need for Harsh Lip Liners
Convenient & Time Saving

Wonderfully outlined and highlight lips will truly transform your facial features. Call me about booking at my Harley Street clinic today.

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