Our Amazing Makeup Procedures

Our Permanent Makeup pre-procedure questions
‪Have you had permanent makeup treatments previously?
Have you any medical problems now or in the last year?
Have you had any fillers or implants in your face?
Are you on any medications long or short term?
Have you had Botox in the last 3 months?
Are you currently using any hair growth stimulator creams

Client Enquiries:
I had my eyebrows done in Thailand last year and they are fading, i would like a top up, it was around 6 months ago that I had them done , could you let me know how much it would be please?

I would like a permanent makeup consultation and treatment on the same day
I want to know how long the eyelashes will last, and can you make them in a dark brown? What if I am not happy with the result

If you are unsure about your eyebrow treatment, Sarah will be able to discuss your requirements and together, plan the right treatment for you. An eyelash treatment, if you mean extensions, is not a service we offer or recommend at this particular time, however a makeup treatment to enhance your eyes, can also be discussed. We as a service are here to listen to your needs and offer the best solution for you.

Having a one to one consultation with Amazing Makeup and our consultant and primary makeup artist Sarah, will give you the information and confidence in deciding your treatments. You can always book for your treatment at another time.

I hope this answers any queries you may have. If you would like to speak to Sarah please let me know when it is a convenient time to call.

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