Medical Treatments

There are a number of medical conditions that can be successfully treated by Sarah Smith’s Amazing Makeup in Essex and London.

I understand that some conditions result in loss of hair, very fine or fair hair. These conditions include Albinism, Alopecia and the effects of chemotherapy, yet they can be easily helped through the application of pharmaceutical grade pigments to the key features of the face.


If you have lost hair or, like Albino colouring, have snow white eyebrows and eyelashes, the effects of using permanent solutions can at first be fairly dark, yet most of my clients have gone to exacting lengths to counteract the effects of medical conditions that cause facial hair loss.

Using a feathered stroke technique, I am able to work with your existing hair – or features should there be no hair in place. Creating beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes, hair by hair, I will provide you with a completely natural look, will help you to look better, and will help you to improve your self-confidence. The techniques I use from my Harley Street clinic will also help to reduce the need to spend hours in front the mirror, drawing on your eyebrows and lashes!

I can also help alleviate the worry that your daily makeup is still in place throughout the day – because permanent eyebrows and lash lines remain in place, permanently.

The ‘feathered strokes’ give each one of my clients a soft natural look.

Enhancing facial expressions, outlining and defining eyes and eyebrows, and boosting your own internal confidence is the perfect way to restore self-esteem. Permanent Makeup 24/7 helps you retain a completely natural look using permanent eye enhancements that are designed to cosmetically enhance your features, beautifully.

Treatments are considerably fast, so please contact me today to book in your consultation at Harley Street, or one of my satellite clinics in the surrounding Essex and Hertfordshire – we will discuss, together, exactly what you would like to achieve and how my cosmetic treatments work.