Eyebrow Gap Filling

This is becoming quite popular to fill in gaps in the brow that were caused by scars / scabs / spots over the years:

[Lady with Slight Eyebrow Gaps] Hi you were recommended you to me via a mutual friend (Kate from Billericay). I am currently filling in the areas on my eyebrows with Mac pencils, but I really would like to consider permanent colour / tint. What would be the cost for 3 patches on both eyebrows and what appointment slots do you have available in your diary this week?

[Sarah – Amazing Makeup] Are you requiring a semi permanent eyebrow design? As we do not offer tinting treatments the cost would be approximately £225  for shading and therefore disguising gaps. We have spaces for next month as we are fully booked up to then, is that ok?

We can offer you an appointment for the following Sundays – November 12th or November 19th. To secure the booking we will need a £75 deposit, as our appointments go quickly and we do not want you to miss out.

I can offer you an appointment for the following Sundays – June 10th 3.30pm, June 24th 1.45pm or July 8th.


To secure the booking we will need a £100 deposit, as our appointments go quickly and we do not want you to miss out.


Follow Up Treatment

All our treatments come with a follow up consultation and during that time we can put the finishing touches to your permanent makeup, here is a sample conversation that demonstrates this process in action to ensure you are delighted with your make-up procedure from Amazing Makeup.

[Eyebrow Treatment] Hi Sarah, wanted to tell you that the right eyebrow is not looking at good as the left one. There are many spaces and has been hardly any ‘scabbing’ so the needle stroke marks are really ‘hard’ looking. Hopefully you can fill in the missing bits  will l need a longer appointment maybe?

[Sarah – Amazing Makeup]  We took a long look at all your pictures and feel that you have had generally an excellent result with really great hair stroke definition. If one is slightly lighter than the other it is marginal. The quality of the hair stroke implemented is very high and skilled, if you think you do not love the appearance of the fine lines which are intricately placed to replicate individual hairs then we can change hair stroke to a “powerdered” brow, to make it look more like a makeup pencil than truly naturally occurring individual hairs. If your interpretation of the fine lines is “HARD” then this may be the best course of action for you. This can be decided upon at your follow up. We believe that any changes necessary are minimal and in keeping with the process of a new procedure requiring a follow up appointment to complete the finished look. I am sorry you felt the need to send us the email and photos and hope you done feel disappointed enough to not eventually love your eyebrows once we have completed the work on them. You have a follow up appointment and after fully reviewing and judging from your photos with our team we believe that you actually have a very good result following a single appointment.

[Eyebrow Treatment]  Hi Sarah to confirm with you I’m really thrilled with them (the left eyebrow more obviously) l know you will make them match both in colour and shape – hard for you to see clearly the differences in the photos, l  sent them as l thought you may need to allow me extra time if you could see what needed to be re-done before l arrived – as l know you are always very busy. So sorry if you thought l was being overly critical of your work – not at all! That is why l came back to you, you are the best permanent make-up artist and eyebrow shaper / designer we have ever seen.

[Sarah – Amazing Makeup] We are sure that the final result will result in you being really happy. Its understandable that clients become anxious about the final result when it does not look perfect and hope to alleviate your fears after your second follow up appointment and of course there is no additional charge.