Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows

Eyebrows have been big news in the media over the last year.  From the catwalks to the high streets around the Uk and from reality TV shows like TOWIE to your living room, how many girls and women want their eyebrows to look as changed dramatically.  In response to these trends and the requests we receive, we have developed our treatments to ensure you get what you require at a reasonable cost. Look at our eyebrow treatment page

If you have already had a treatment with Sarah at Amazing Makeup perhaps its time for your permanent makeup colour to be refreshed, if so then give us a call and get an booked in so you can to maintain the great results you loved so much.


Avoid letting the colour and shape disappear, well maintained procedurs will only require a single appointment to keep the very best results.

Example Appointment for Permanent Makeup

We have many clients with many enquiries every day, for information and just for example here is a sample enquiry with our reply once the consultation for permanent makeup is confirmed.

Q – Hi Sarah, if possible can I come and see you to let you see my lips as think tattooing them would enhance them to make them look fuller and make me look younger. Is there any more info I need to know apart from the info on your website?

A – Thank you for your booking with Amazing Makeup. We would confirm your appointment at the date and time advised previously.

On the day of your appointment with us we will complete your consultation, then devise a complete treatment plan so we fully understand and meet your individual needs and then proceed to the treatment.

Numbing cream will be applied for 20 minutes before we begin the treatment itself. Please expect to be with us for up to 2 hours. The full payment will be required on the day and a follow up appointment a month later can be scheduled, which is included in the price of your new treatment.

A patch test, instructions and your receipt for the deposit  have been posted. Attached above are our T&C’s and cancellation policy. Please note that we require 72 (working hours) notice for cancellation and lateness of more than 15 minutes will result in the appointment being abandoned. In both instances the cancellation charge of £100 will be applied.

We look forward to meeting you and congratulations for choosing Sarah Smith’s Amazing Makeup, many clients tell us it’s the best investment they’ve made in themselves.