Our Amazing Makeup Procedures

Our Permanent Makeup pre-procedure questions
‪Have you had permanent makeup treatments previously?
Have you any medical problems now or in the last year?
Have you had any fillers or implants in your face?
Are you on any medications long or short term?
Have you had Botox in the last 3 months?
Are you currently using any hair growth stimulator creams

Client Enquiries:
I had my eyebrows done in Thailand last year and they are fading, i would like a top up, it was around 6 months ago that I had them done , could you let me know how much it would be please?

I would like a permanent makeup consultation and treatment on the same day
I want to know how long the eyelashes will last, and can you make them in a dark brown? What if I am not happy with the result

If you are unsure about your eyebrow treatment, Sarah will be able to discuss your requirements and together, plan the right treatment for you. An eyelash treatment, if you mean extensions, is not a service we offer or recommend at this particular time, however a makeup treatment to enhance your eyes, can also be discussed. We as a service are here to listen to your needs and offer the best solution for you.

Having a one to one consultation with Amazing Makeup and our consultant and primary makeup artist Sarah, will give you the information and confidence in deciding your treatments. You can always book for your treatment at another time.

I hope this answers any queries you may have. If you would like to speak to Sarah please let me know when it is a convenient time to call.

Common Enquiries

We are trying to gain clients, getting to know what our clients want is crucial to us knowing how to proceed with your treatments.Our clients send us enquires all the time when they contact Amazing Makeup the leading permanent make up company we aim to meet with the client shortly after. The point of the consultation is clarify what you want and possibly offer you what she wants, or a solution that you maybe didn’t know was possible.

Once you send us an enquiry its true to say that in general we would be delighted to provide you with more information but need to clarify what information is required. We would recommend you come for a personalised consultation as there are variance in price and procedure for both eyes and lip treatments. Please note prices are updated and available for you to look at on the website.

We see clients at Harley Street and in  Brentwood, please advise which location
would be best for you, and if you wish to speak to us by phone or arrange to
see Sarah Smith in person.

Here are a selection of my recent enquiries to give you an idea of the things we get asked:

Enquiry 1 – I had my eyebrows tattooed with a company in Glasgow about a couple of years ago and they have faded, but I am unsure whether I need them topped up or completely redone? What dates will you be available for consultation/treatment in the Brentwood clinic? Thank you

Enquiry 2 – I would like to enhance my blue eyes with longer lashes which are getting sparse as I age ( I am now 42 years old ), but don’t want to look like I am wearing make up.
Also, I think I need partial or semi-permanent eyebrows make up as mine own are thin and sparse and I want an improvement in their shape. Just let you know that I would like first my eyes enhance ( sorry you don’t do false eyelashes ) done and then I will see.

Reply 2 – We need to understand what it is that you require regarding your eyebrows and to explain what we offer enhance the lash line. We do not offer false eyelashes but a more permanent defining of the eyes which gives the illusion of a thick full lash line.

We need to understand what it is that you require regarding your eyebrows and to explain what we offer enhance the lash line. We do not offer false eyelashes but a more permanent defining of the eyes which gives the illusion of a thick full lash line.

Enquiry 3 – Hello Sarah I am pretty interested in permanent eyebrow makeup if you are able to send me any information regarding this with cost and procedure id be very grateful as i really would like this a lot. I would also possibly be interested in eye and lip treatments

Enquiry 4 – I have a problem that causes me embarrassment as I really need to cover up a few scars by this summer as im going on holiday it needs to look professional is there any way you can help if so could you contact me with some suggestions

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Do you want Beautiful Eyebrows?
I have perfected my skills in applying permanent eyebrow makeup by using feathering strokes that mimic real hairs through the brow line, I am able to renew brows that are lacking hairs – whatever that reason may be. Media and press have been very impressed with the way in which brows can be re-shaped, re-positioned and filled where brows have been over plucked, or where they simply lack lustre.

And the truth? Everyone can benefit from permanent brows

Shape & Symmetry Correction
24 hour Naturally Beautiful Eyebrows
Comfortable & Convenient

Beautifully shaped eyebrows are important to the majority of men and women in the UK today. The techniques I use are very accommodating – because I get many unique requests to. I encourage you to avoid unsuited treatments and contact me today to discover the real benefits of permanent brows.

Permanent Lip Colour – Blush & Liner
I realise that lips are just as important as every other feature on your face, and so do the technicians that work with me. Whilst lining the lips used to be a very popular option, now filling the lips with even colour is more desirable.

Even more important to my clients is the ability to change the appearance of the lower part of your face using techniques that offer dazzling results.

By applying a flush of colour into the dermal layer of the skin on your lips, permanent makeup will volumise, correct shaping and enhance their natural colour.

hether your lips are faded through age, you wish to opt for a more symmetrical look, or wish to add more vibrant colouring then call me for the opportunity to do exactly that – I will help you re-create a more confident and alluring you.

Voluminous Lips
Enhance Your Best Features
Correct Symmetry Issues
Reduce the Need for Harsh Lip Liners
Convenient & Time Saving

Wonderfully outlined and highlight lips will truly transform your facial features. Call me about booking at my Harley Street clinic today.

Consultations for Permanent Makeup

Now that you have discovered what I can help you achieve, it is time to call me and book a Consultation so that we can talk together about the look you would like me to help you achieve.

At the consultation I will talk to you about your exact requirements. I will carry out a personal analysis, which helps to determine your natural complexion, colouring and undertones. I will always take into consideration your eye and hair colour so that pigments can be custom blended to achieve a perfect look.

I will talk to you about how unique you are and how I intend to achieve your desired results, be it re-shaping and adding hair into your brows, enhancing your eyes, colouring lips and more.

You will be required to set aside at least 2 hours for each treatment and will generally need to undergo the treatment process in 2 stages. I insist that you attend your second appointment – required as a follow up to your initial treatment, around 4 – 6 weeks later.

If I believe further treatment will be required, this will be discussed at your consultation. This may be required if you have chosen to take up more than one of my permanent cosmetics treatments, or for other reasons that will be discussed in complete confidence at my Harley street clinic, or the most conveniently placed clinic for you.

I would like to invite you to contact me to discuss details further, and to book your consultation.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Permanent eyebrows are also a great way to repair over plucked brows, restore patchy eyebrows and it is possible to reposition nearly bare brows so that they naturally frame your eyes and enhance your facial expressions.

Using permanent eyebrow makeup, permanent lip colours, lip liners, and permanent eyeliners your facial features can be almost immediately transformed without the need for painful injections or invasive surgery

Medical Treatments

There are a number of medical conditions that can be successfully treated by Sarah Smith’s Amazing Makeup in Essex and London.

I understand that some conditions result in loss of hair, very fine or fair hair. These conditions include Albinism, Alopecia and the effects of chemotherapy, yet they can be easily helped through the application of pharmaceutical grade pigments to the key features of the face.


If you have lost hair or, like Albino colouring, have snow white eyebrows and eyelashes, the effects of using permanent solutions can at first be fairly dark, yet most of my clients have gone to exacting lengths to counteract the effects of medical conditions that cause facial hair loss.

Using a feathered stroke technique, I am able to work with your existing hair – or features should there be no hair in place. Creating beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes, hair by hair, I will provide you with a completely natural look, will help you to look better, and will help you to improve your self-confidence. The techniques I use from my Harley Street clinic will also help to reduce the need to spend hours in front the mirror, drawing on your eyebrows and lashes!

I can also help alleviate the worry that your daily makeup is still in place throughout the day – because permanent eyebrows and lash lines remain in place, permanently.

The ‘feathered strokes’ give each one of my clients a soft natural look.

Enhancing facial expressions, outlining and defining eyes and eyebrows, and boosting your own internal confidence is the perfect way to restore self-esteem. Permanent Makeup 24/7 helps you retain a completely natural look using permanent eye enhancements that are designed to cosmetically enhance your features, beautifully.

Treatments are considerably fast, so please contact me today to book in your consultation at Harley Street, or one of my satellite clinics in the surrounding Essex and Hertfordshire – we will discuss, together, exactly what you would like to achieve and how my cosmetic treatments work.